Mock rescue success on l’Ampolla beach

l’Ampolla beach

FERROVIAL SERVICIOS, the company contracted to provide search and rescue along the Teulada-Moraira coastline carried out a mock rescue operation on l’Ampolla beach last week.

The mock rescue operation, which took only 14 minutes, involved a female bather being ‘hit’ by a jet-ski, leaving her floating a few metres from the buoys.

A lifeguard ran to the bather’s rescue from a nearby surveillance station and emergency services arrived within minutes of the warning.

The CPR to the person playing the role of the female bather was so realistic that onlooking beach-goers believed it to be a real rescue operation.

Councillor Nieves Rodriguez expressed satisfaction at the rapid 14-minute response from Ferrovial Servicios and the emergency services.

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