Wild sheep head found in suitcase at airport


A MAN was apprehended by Guardia Civil officers at Alicante airport, for attempting to take the severed head of a mouflon, wild sheep out of the country in a suitcase.

The head, still attached to skin and legs of the animal was wrapped in plastic held together with duct tape and was inside his suitcase.

The man had acquired the object in the Valencian town of Ayora and was intending to transport it by plane to his home country of Holland.

Officers from the Seprona division of the Guardia Civil were called in and under questioning, the Dutchman revealed he had no documentation for the corpse or hunting licence.

He was arrested for breaking hunting and fishing laws and on health reasons, as the corpse still had the skin attached and was in danger of putrification, wrapped in plastic, in the current weather conditions.

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