Mr Maph and Simone Lisa – at the heart of oul

Mr Maph and Simone Lisa – At the Heart of Soul

UNDOUBTEDLY two of the hardest working and most talented artists on the Costa del Sol are Mike Harding (known as Mr Maph) and wife Simone Lisa.

Currently gearing up for their daughter’s wedding they spared some time to talk to RTN about their dedication to their music and also their strong Christian commitment.

Both come from UK musical backgrounds with Mike and his family being heavily involved in Gospel music whilst Simone Lisa’s father Errol was a member of multi-hit 80s band Imagination and her aunt is singer Grace Kennedy.

Having been heavily involved in the Soul and House scenes in the UK as well as composing music for TV, Mike decided that it was time to move out of Britain to Spain and continued singing with Simone Lisa whilst working as a music teacher.

They are in demand all along the coast and recently promoted and appeared in a concert with the son of Otis Redding  in Benalmadena which was a huge success and may lead to a European tour.

What do you like about Spain?

Both: The climate, the sense of space and it’sv ery restful.

What don’t you like?

Both: The sometimes poor customer service.

What is your greatest fear?

Both: Not enough love and laughter in the world.

What is your favourite food? 

At present we are loving fish especially straight from the sea.

Who would you invite for a meal dead, alive or fictional?

Mike: Marvin Gaye
Simone: Whitney Houston

What is your secret pleasure?

Mike: To write songs everyday all day.
Simone: Watch loads of musicals

Which is your favourite musician?

Mike: Too hard to answer.
Simone: Whitney Houston.

What is your favourite piece of music?

Mike: My Girl by the Temptations.
Simone: Too hard to answer

What song would you like played at your funeral

Mike: Change is Gonna Come Sam Cooke.
Simone: I’m going away by Walter Hawkins

If you could go back in time when would it be to?

Mike: The 60s.
Simone: 60s or revisit the 80s

What’s top of your bucket list?

Mike: N/A.
Simone: To Be Alive hahahahah

What do you miss about the UK?

Mike: Sometimes the buzz and certain friends and family.
Simone: Being able to see who i like, and the variety of interests at hand.

What was the best day in your life?

Both: When I gave my life to Jesus Christ and our baptism.

Where do you want to go with your music?

Both: Touch and inspire as many hearts as possible.

What is your secret ambition?

Both: Ambitions not secret

What question should I have asked but didn’t?

How much do we love Michael Cano from RTN… lol?

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