Multi-million Euro boost from TV show

The Mayor: with Pedro Guevara and Javier Rodriguez

THE MAYOR of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, has said the recent filming of India’s Fear Factor show in the town has provided huge amounts of publicity.

The programme, which will begin to air over the next few days, is watched by around 40 million people in India, following 90 celebrities over 45 days as they race around Estepona, participating in challenges.  The stars, who are housed in hotels around the town, take in some of the area’s most famous attractions, including the bullring, old town and Parque San Isidro Labrador.

The show, which is produced by Endemol, the Dutch-based company responsible for programs Big Brother and Deal or No Deal, amongst others, is one of the most successful in India.  Mayor Garcia Urbano believes the promotional potential of the show will boost tourism, providing millions of Euros in free advertising given the program also has millions of followers on social networks.

Producers Pedro Guevara and Javier Rodriguez, confirmed if the show receives another series, Estepona would have an even greater role, explaining, “thanks to the facilities provided by the town’s council, and the number of locations available here, we will do everything possible to re-record in Estepona.”

Mayor Garcia Urbano thanked the production company for choosing Estepona and said in addition to the publicity gained from the program, filming also provided an important economic boost to hotels and restaurants across the town.

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