Murcian nurse arrested for stealing drugs from hospital


A 42-year-old Spanish nurse was arrested by the Policia National on suspicion of stealing drugs from a Murcian hospital at which they worked.

The stolen drugs were 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.

The investigation began in mid-May, when the San Andres District Commissary received a report from the city hospital regarding 50 missing vials.

The vials had been stored in an area where access is restricted exclusively to hospital personnel.

Officers verified that it was an ‘inside job’ – the thief would have been perfectly aware of the hospital protocols.

Researchers requested a report on the effects of the drugs as well as whether quantities could have been taken for personal consumption.

The report concluded that the quantity of drugs taken and the short time frame in which they went missing meant that they had not been taken for personal consumption.

The investigation, which led to the ultimate arrest was carried out by officers of the District Commissary of San Andrés and the Higher Chief of the Policia National of the Region of Murcia

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