Nearly 300kg of illegally caught fish found in Altea port


ALICANTE’S Guardia Civil found nearly 300 kilograms of illegally caught young fish in a routine inspection at the Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes in Altea on Tuesday.

Officers, along with the Fisheries Inspectorate of the Generalitat found the fish – mostly whiting in addition to monkfish and octopus – hidden in 54 unlabelled containers in the port.

On account of the size and weight of the fish, inspectors confirmed that they had been illegally caught and it was presumed the fishermen had intended avoiding auctioning/declaring the fish, instead selling them on the black market.

The fish were seized and later delivered to charitable centres across the province.

By law, there are set limits and restrictions on the fish you can legally catch and keep in Spain.

There are 3 kinds of limits and restrictions on what you can catch and keep for a particular species:

  • catch limits
  • possession limits
  • size restrictions

Any fish caught against the catch and possession limits and size restrictions must be immediately released.

Although no arrests were made, an administrative report was drawn up recording the 267.7 kilograms of fish seized.

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