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News from APAC Caballos, 4

APAC volunteers had a busy weekend last weekend as they rescued a mare and her pony from private land in Gandia.

All the animals kept on the private land, including several dogs were severely neglected – with no vet treatment, very little food and no water in temperatures that have reached nearly 40° in recent weeks.

The rescued mare has melanoma, an abscess on her neck and at least two of her feet are infected.

The pony is in slightly better condition.

The local protectora had been doing all they could for the animals on the private land since their conditions were first denounced to Seprona.

APAC stress that anyone who happens to find animals neglected and in poor condition should FIRST make a DENUNCIA to Seprona – this way, the local protectora can get involved and start helping the animal/s as soon as possible.

Exhibition – works by Jenny Anne Morrison

L’om Bar & Restaurant on calle Ramon y Cajal in Pego will play host to an exhibition in November as local artist Jenny Anne Morrison presents her works.

The exhibition will open on Saturday November 4 from 7.00pm and a Grand Opening event has been scheduled to include tapas and a glass of wine.

A charity luncheon will be held at the restaurant on Friday November 10 where Jenny will auction one of her paintings with the total proceeds going to APAC.

Jenny will also generously donate 20 per cent of all sales of her works to the horses.

Thank you Eileen

When Eileen Jackson celebrated her birthday recently, she decided to do away with the traditional gift and asked her friends and family to instead donate to support the rescue horses at APAC.

APAC expresses its greatest thanks to Eileen and wishes her a very happy belated birthday.

APAC is a Spanish horse charity, set up to defend and protect horses and offer them a second chance through adoption.

Based in La Xara – run entirely by volunteers and funded solely by donations – APAC save horses from poor living conditions and distress, an issue ever more prevalent throughout Spain due to the economic crisis.

The horses APAC rescue are:

  • Older horses who need to retire from working in riding schools – with bad legs and having served their purpose, they are no longer needed by the school.
  • Horses whose owners have fallen on hard times and cannot provide the food and care needed.
  • Many horses who are neglected, left in stalls on private land to starve to death, unseen by the public.

APAC aims to rehabilitate the horses, easing them into a new life of relaxation, freedom of a paddock and lots of food.

For more information contact [email protected].

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