Night time taxi and bus shortage at Alicante-Elche Airport


BETWEEN 60 and 70 people recently arrived at the Alicante-Elche Airport on a flight from Copenhagen had to wait for non-existent taxis or buses. 

This latest incident has only exacerbated the situation which has been evident since the beginning of the busy tourist season once people have passed through arrivals and looking to make their own way to their final destination.

On the recent night in question, aircraft from Barcelona, ​​Paris, Madrid, Trondheim Edinburgh, Helsinki and Sofia joined the flight from Copenhagen arriving after midnight – the time when the local bus service into Alicante City stops and with a lack of official and licensed taxis that are permitted to operate from the airport – and caused a tailback of passengers on the arrivals concourse.

As one of the frustrated arrivals commented, one of the issues was that the Elche drivers were complaining that those from outside the province were dropping people off and then taking fares that should have been theirs… but not there to take them.

Negotiations for an increase in the number of licenses being awarded by Elche have been going on for several months and it’s hoped that this situation will soon be resolved.  A draft of the new regional law is looking to establish a maximum of one taxi per 1,000 inhabitants but takes into account that Elche must be regarded as a special case as the town city includes the airport with the associated extra traffic that generates.

In the meantime and in an attempt to alleviate some of the current problems, drivers that are off duty will be permitted to operate between 10.00pm and up to two hours after the last flight has landed overnight.

The local authorities are being pressurised into awarding a further 20 taxi licenses, and to consider extending the bus service overnight during the summer season.

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