Nudity banned on town’s beaches


SAN PEDRO DEL PINATAR town hall has angered a national naturist group by banning nudity on all beaches within its municipality.

The ban is part of a raft of beach rules brought in for the summer, which also include fines for playing bat and ball on the beach and urinating in the sea, which are classed as causing a nuisance to other bathers.

The Spanish Naturism Federation plans to take legal action against the town hall for abuse of power.

It says nudism cannot be banned on naturist beaches without a State law being passed first.

“San Pedro del Pinatar is the first town in Spain to ban nudism on every single one of its beaches – and the others who do so, just 10 in the whole country, only ban naked bathing on urban beaches,” the Federation complains.

The only naturist beach in the vicinity is the fairly remote La Llana, which has been recognised by locals and visitors alike and is far enough away from town as to not cause offence to passers-by.

Now, those who regularly use the beach to sunbathe naked are concerned that they will have to cover up in the future or be faced with a 750€ fine.

Other restrictions within the ‘Beach Law’ include a fine of 750€ for urinating in the sea and a ban on beach blocking, in other words, reserving spaces on the beach with towels and chairs in advance of use.

Unlicenced barbecuing on the beach attracts a 1500€ fine and unauthorised beach sellers, plying their trade of cold drinks and snacks face a fine of 3000€.

Taking animals onto the beach is included in the prohibited activities plus the taking of stereos or other musical devices such as MP3 players, iPods or using mobile phones for the same purpose is also against the rules ‘provided the decibel level does not exceed established limits.

Cycling on the seafront promenade, on pushbikes or tandems, is banned and subject to fines, as are surfing or other water sports in the direct bathing area, and no boats of any description within 200 metres of the shoreline.

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