Costa del Sol is out and proud


THE COSTA DEL SOL came alive with rainbows at International LGTBI Pride Day.

While town halls in Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara waved multi-coloured flags from their buildings, Velez Malaga’s Council went a step further by decorating one of its pedestrian crossings with the colours of the rainbow.

The crossing, which is located on Plaza de los Reyes Catolicos, delighted locals and visitors, highlighting the plight of those who suffer homophobia and promoting tolerance. A reading of the council’s manifesto on equality also took place in Plaza de las Carmelitas, where a series of coloured balloons were later released.

Councillor for Social Welfare and Equality, Zoila Martin, and Councillor for Young People, Maria Santana, were among the crowd, with Councillor Martin commenting, “we are committed to equality policies and to creating a tolerant town, aware of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex people.”

While Councillor Santana explained, “the council has joined in with the commemorative events of Pride Day because we believe in a town that promotes equality and individual freedom,” adding, the council “has created an information leaflet that has been handed out to locals and visitors alongside multicoloured bracelets.”

She also pointed out Velez Malaga was one of the first municipalities in Andalucia to open an LGTBI information point, located in the town’s Department for Young People.

According to reports by Amnesty International, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual rights are still being violated across the world, and in around 80 countries same-sex practices are condemned.

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