Owners and residents call to end neglect in Guardamar’s Sup-7

Owners and residents call to end neglect in Guardamar

FOR over a decade the area in Guardamar del Segura known as Sector Sup-7 has been neglected by the Town Council.

Owners and residents in the area claim that, despite repeated requests, nothing has been implemented on a regular basis to keep their streets clean and the area maintained.

The owners and residents said:

‘Just like the property owners and residents throughout Guardamar del Segura, we also pay our taxes to the Town Hall.’

‘However, compared with the public services and attention received everywhere else, it is almost as though Sector Sup-7 has been abandoned and forgotten.’

The people of Sup-7 have now had enough and a Facebook page has been created (‘Guardamar del Segura Canal Denuncia’) to give them a voice.

In a relatively short space of time, the Facebook page has approaching 400 followers and many photographs have been published showing the neglect of the area including photographs of blocked drains, broken street paving, dog’s mess adjacent children’s play areas and broken sewerage covers alongside many irate comments.

The people of Sup-7 will hold a meeting this Saturday from 7.00pm onwards in the MasyMas car park and anyone interested is most welcome to attend.

‘We want our area to be given the same amount of attention and treated with similar respect as the rest of Guardamar by the Mayor and his Council’ said owners and residents.

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