Domestic abuse prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

BENALMADENA’S Council has completed a scheme aimed at preventing domestic abuse among young people.

The initiative saw around 1,200 students aged between 14 and 16 participate in a series of workshops raising awareness about this type of violence, as well as teaching them sensitivity and equality.

According to Irene Diaz, Councillor for Social Welfare, “the ultimate goal is to prevent gender violence among adolescents,” “adding we must promote measures to prevent and eradicate this social problem.”

The workshops covered topics including gender inequality, patriarchal societies, machismo, gender identity, stereotypes, different types of love, as well as toxic relationships and how violence can manifest itself.  The courses also pointed out the resources available to women who were victims of domestic abuse.

The council’s department for equality commented the workshops had been vital in preventing violence after latest research studies showed a notable increase in complaints of abuse from young girls. Ms Diaz explained, “gender violence among young people has become a rather serious problem which we need to pay attention to and deal with.  This has been shown by research studies carried out by organisations like the Andalucian Women’s Institute.”

Rocio Garcia, the project’s manager, said young people often were unaware there was still gender inequality, explaining, “in many cases boys and girls tell us that men and women have the same rights and opportunities and that there is equality.  This is what we call the mirage of equality.  When we begin working with them, showing them press articles or videos they see bit by bit that we have equality in a nominal sense but not in a real way.”

Ms Diaz finished by showing her appreciation to the course’s organisers, saying, “I want to thank all the those involved for their positivity and help working with the department for equality on this project, as well as the manager who organised the course.”

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