Protesters urge Denia to become a leading city in the fight against animal cruelty

100 gather for Bous a la Mar demonstration in Denia

100 GATHER for Bous a la Mar demonstration in Denia

Around 100 protesters gathered at the La Glorieta roundabout at the top of calle Marques de Campo in Denia on Sunday 9th July, for a demonstration to raise awareness against the Bous a la Mar.

The demonstration, organised by ASOCIACON E.R.A. called on Denia to end its widely condemned Bous a la Mar event and with it, the abuse and suffering of bulls.

The protestors waved almost 30 banners and signs and a moving re-enactment of the event was performed, demonstrating the despair the Bous a la Mar bulls experience.

One of the demonstration organisers, Zoe Gumm said:

‘We’re here to raise awareness for the bulls – listen to our desperation. We cannot keep using bulls for our entertainment.’

‘Bous a la Mar starts from this very spot. This is the cage that the young bulls – taken from their natural environment – are locked inside. What you may think is a bull running after the participants is actually a bull running from what’s behind him. The bull is running out of fear like a normal animal. This is not something to be glorified.’

Victoria Aroztegui (pictured with her dog, Matilda) said she was involved in the demonstration ‘because the animals are not ours to do whatever we want with, they’re our earth partners and we’re taking advantage of innocent lives – this, sooner or later, will have consequences because all lives matter.’

The Bous a la Mar was accused of two acts of animal cruelty last year and protestors said, ‘this will continue, every year Bous a la Mar gets more violent.’

Two bulls have drowned in previous years, not accounting for many other injuries suffered as the bulls run the risk of breaking their bones or having heart attacks due to the despair they experience.

Protesters urged Denia to become a leading city in the fight against animal cruelty, suggesting it follows in the footsteps of Torrevieja with its child-friendly, cruelty-free bull run.

‘Denia is a beautiful and vibrant city with much music, gastronomy and art to be proud of – it doesn’t need to partake in bull torture. Thanks to thousands of activists across Spain the bull sports are dying, so Denia should jump off the bandwagon as soon as possible.’

Sheila Agudo Barba signed the two petitions that made their way around the demonstration – one for Denia to end the Bous a la Mar event and another for the bullfighting school in Alicante to be shut down.

Sheila said she was involved ‘because Bous a la Mar is cruel and horrible – the bulls do not want to be there and less so in the name of human enjoyment, they have feelings.’

ASOCIACON E.R.A. will hold another demonstration in Denia on Sunday July 30. If you’d like to take part, check out…

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