Brit arrested after Rojales dog attack


THE GUARDIA Civil has arrested a 49-year old British man for allegedly causing severe injuries to a passerby and failing to provide help afterwards. The injuries were caused by two dogs of an allegedly dangerous breed.

A 50-year old Kosovan woman was walking through a park in Urbanisation Ciudad Quesada in Rojales when she was suddenly attacked by the two dogs, which were apparently not on a lead nor wearing muzzles. The dogs, both bull terriers, knocked her over then bit her in the face causing injuries so bad that she required emergency surgery to reconstruct her face.

At the time of the incident a man was seen in the park who, rather than stay and help the victim, ran away with the dogs.

Investigations by the Guardia Civil found out that the dogs were owned by a British couple who said they knew nothing about what happened as they had paid someone to walk their dogs.

A British man was subsequently arrested and charged and is currently on provisional release.

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  1. The world needs severe punishments to make all dog owners and handlers care enough to prevent all attacks, even that first attack.

    Fines alone aren’t working as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don’t.

    Prisons are too expensive and too overcrowded already.

    Here’s a breed neutral affordable law that would help to make more dog owners care.

    Charge handlers and owners of dogs that severely injure or kill dogs, humans, or other domesticated animals with felony animal neglect and cruelty.

    Immediately remove all dogs from their property or contact.

    Found guilty, ban them all from any dog ownership or handling for LIFE.

    Signs must be posted: no dogs permitted.

    Publicized and enforced, this law would begin to reduce dog attacks, if only from restricting recidivism.

    Breeders of power breeds would begin to be honest about the dogs’ extraordinary abilities and control requirements or risk losing clients to dog privilege bans.

    The public will be forced to become educated about the disproportionate responsibilities and control needs of GLADIATOR dogs.

    “Are you sure you have the ability to own and walk two power breed dogs? How sure?

    The dog bite attacks show that dog owners are obviously willing to risk the wellbeing of the neighbors, guests or passersby.

    Will they be willing to risk their lifetime dog privileges if they fail?


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