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Beauty Tips

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Mascara made easy

The thing about mascara is that it tends to go everywhere and once it has it quite likes to stay there too. Avoid any messy clean-up operations by placing a tea-spoon over your eyelid as you apply.

Straight lashes? Ditch the curlers and go for a dedicated curling mascara.

Modern formulas mean that once the polymers have set, those curvaceously lifted lashes aren’t going anywhere (whereas they tend to drop throughout the day with eyelash curlers).

Bubble baths a no go

We understand the power of a good bath — and we’d never take that away from you. But those bubbles aren’t doing you any favours.

‘Bubble baths typically contain drying soap and alcohol, which strip your skin of moisture,’ says dermatologist David E. Bank, MD.

‘All the irritants in the detergents used to make bubbles can possibly dry and irritate the skin. Instead, it’s best to use a product that includes skin-soothing ingredients, like honey, oatmeal, or milk.’


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