Help save Manilva’s vineyards


PRIVATE company Nilva Enoturismo SL has launched a crowdfunding page to promote the conservation of Manilva’s vineyards.

The campaign was launched on Verkami, one of Europe’s biggest and most successful crowdfunding sites, with the aim of re-launching a project which started three years ago to conserve and revitalise the vineyards in the area.

Argimiro Martinez, the company’s managing director, believes that having seen the stagnation of the project over the years locals are not keen to support their mission. This is why they have pursued the online alternative in order to extend their reach.

Within a month of the page going live €915 was donated. Patrons can receive small rewards for their generosity in the form of wine, guided tours or tasting sessions.

On a larger scale however, if the project is successful, donators will see the protection of Andalucía’s cultural heritage and fighting the takeover of the landscape by urbanisation.

The company hopes to set an example which can see their conservationist ideas spread to other parts of Spain.

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