Police release homophobic attack statement

Statement released by police over Moraira homophobic attack

TEULADA’S Local Police have released a statement regarding a homophobic attack that took place on July 9 at the Moraira fiestas.

Local Police officers were accused by the victims of paying little attention to the attack, and the Valencian Observatory against Hate Crimes has become involved.

The Valencian Observatory against Hate Crimes has demanded an explanation from the Policia Local and if it is not deemed satisfactory, a complaint will be filed.

The accusations against the Local Police officers have been widely published in the Spanish press, causing the Ayuntamiento to post a status on their Facebook page condemning the attack.

The Local Police later released a statement strongly denying that its officers ‘stood idly by’ at the scene of the attack, as was suggested by the victims.

“The facts described in the news were not witnessed by the agents because when receiving the communication by the people attacked, attempts were made to give health care to the aggressor, and secondly, an attempt was made to identify the alleged perpetrators.”

“At no time was the incident ignored or downplayed as was hinted at in the media, but treated the same way as others incidents that occur during the course of festive acts.”

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