Tabarca bomb scare


THE UNDERWATER Special Operations Group (GEAS) of the Guardia Civil has detected an explosive device, possibly a depth charge left over since the days of World War II, in waters near the island of Tabarca off the coast of Alicante and Santa Pola.

The object was first spotted by recreational divers who warned the authorities as soon as they surfaced.  Once they arrived, it took the GEAS divers a few hours to find the offending explosive device and took a selection of photographs to correctly identify it.  It was found at a depth of 29 metres.

After making several checks with the Guardia Civil’s explosives department, it was concluded that it could be a depth charge, used at the end of World War II and possibly dropped by British forces.  Until the explosive has been made safe by the Spanish Navy, the area surrounding the location of the charge has been blocked to prevent any future incursions and possible accidents.  Until further notice, no boats are allowed to pass over the affected zone nor are divers permitted.

A service patrol boat and a selection of long-distance cameras will keep watch on the area 24 hours a day until the arrival of the Navy.  The device is located less than two miles from the beaches of Tabarca and it has been emphasised by the Guardia Civil that there is no risk to residents and visitors to the island, one of the most popular tourist destinations for many thousands every year.

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