Three necropolis to be studied in Andalucia

Temple of doom

ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE set to carry out a study of three necropolis in Andalucia; Puente Noy, Monte Velilla and Laurita.

A group of archaeologists from the University of Granada, led by Ivan Sanchez, could begin work as soon as August on the research project,which will “try to verify archaeological evidence” from the sites.  Mr Sanchez explained, “the works will initially involve Georeferencing and a topographical survey of the terrain that occupies each of the areas already studies in Puente de Noy, and then we have to study Monte Velilla and Laurita.”

Once the first stage is finished, a superficial survey will be carried out at Monte Velilla and a radar sturdy of Laurita. “The last phase will depend on the results of the previous work and would involve excavating a few tombs and providing an archaeological record.  A fourth stage would involve disseminating what we have learned.”

The project is sponsored by four public bodies; the Council of Almuñecar the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Granada, the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa Tropical and theBastetana Centre for Archaeology Studies, based in Baza, which is supplying most of members of the archaeological team.

The group requested authorisation for the trip some weeks ago and hope to begin by the end of August.

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