Teulada-Moraira not-for-profits receive €71,000


TEULADA-MORAIRA council recently awarded local not-for-profit associations with grants for the year 2016/2017.

Sports associations received as follows:

Club Nautico Moraira – €6,295.38

Club de Padel Teulada Moraira – €5,568.99

Club de Gimnasia Llebeig – €5,205.80

Club de Palomos Deportivos Costablanca – €4,050.00

Club de basquet Teulada – €3,712.66

Club de Futbol Joventut – €3,712.66

Club de Voleibol Cap d’Or – €3,349.47

Club de Atletismo Corremundos – €3,186.00

Club de Futbol Moraira – €2.502.01

Club de Futbol Sala Moraira – €1.937.04

Centre Excursionista i Muntanya TeuladaMoraira – €713.29

Agriculture, fishing and stock-breeding associations received as follows:

Associacio de Defensors del Moscatell de la Marina Alta – €1,300.00

Associations supporting local businesses received as follows:

Asociacion de Empresarios y Comerciantes de Teulada Moraira – €3,300.00

Associations supporting young people received as follows:

Grup de TeatrePortitxolet de Moraira – €700.00

Social services ACOMAAD – €2,591.55€

AMADEM – €3,588.30

Asociacion de familiares de enfermos de Alzheimer TeuladaMoraira – €5,628.15

Asociacion Ludai €2,192.00

Associations supporting local citizens received as follows:

Club de los Leones Teulada Moraira – €1,831.41

Junta Vecinal Coordinadora de Actividades Cívicas de Moraira Cap D’or – €1,560.78

Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir – €203.58

Asociacion Francophone Teulada Moraira – €316.68

Club Aleman Costablanca – €316.68

Asociacion Benefica de TeuladaMoraira – €667.29

Coral Inglesa €203.58

Associations involved in culture received as follows:

Fotoclubl’Andragó – €2,917.00

Sociedad Recreativa Cultural de Teulada – €4,083.00

Mayor Carlos Linares explained how the grants, totalling €71,633.30 help to strengthen the local not-for-profit associations that play such pivotal role in the community.

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