The American movie star who loves to live on the Costa del Sol

Damian Chapa and Spanish actress Anna Martin who will appear in Luz

The interview with Damian Chapa, the actor and director continues with some more insights into his life and achievements.

When asked what he likes about Spain, Damian was full of praise and went into some detail about his love of the country and all things Spanish

“Well I have travelled the world as an actor/director and I have heard of this ‘aristocracy’ thing as a kid. I’m not one of those fortunate ones. I grew up as tough as they get. But after meeting so many different types of people in this so called ‘Aristocracy’ I have found that the Spanish are truly regal people.

“Not only the so called ‘aristocracy’ but even the people you meet in general. I have never met such an elegant and giving people. They are very very kind, considerate and warm. The warmth I was used to, having Mexican and Italian roots.

“However this real regalness and mannered ways I have only seen in the Spanish.  They are truly in general the most classy folks I have met. I have also noticed money is not a ‘god’ to them. They know how to live and they know how to rest and they know much about passion and love and poetry. I feel right at home.

“Not only as I have Latino roots but I also feel more alive as an artist here. Some people think Hollywood would be more conducive to that type of feeling.  However on the contrary, Hollywood is a cesspool of fake people and the last place on earth I want to be or to film in.

“I have made better quality films in Europe not only Spain France and Holland and even Ireland, but also in Germany. I mean there is so much history and great architecture in Europe. I see more talent walking down the streets of any European city then I ever have in a Hollywood cast session.

“I have recently studied a bit of Orson Welles history here in Spain. I understood right away his feelings on why he left Hollywood. There are some very gifted people in Hollywood and I promise there are some very good people. But In general it’s like a poker table when people have a million dollars up for stake.  You don’t get the best of peoples personalities when so much money and ‘fame’ is involved.

Damian then spoke a little more about his upbringing but clearly bore no grudge against his parents even though he was left to look after himself at an early age.

“As a result of my strange ‘not normal’ upbringing, I was able to meet so many interesting people as a result of what they gave me which was the ability to be sensitive from pain and suffering as a child.

“I am an ultimate optimist. I always make lemonade out of lemons. I have never had any other choice. As far as ‘education’I taught myself everything I know- how to direct, how to act, how to edit. I went as far as the ninth grade (leaving aged 15). Meantime I did learn a lot about how to direct by watching Federico Fellini films over and over and over again.”

Damian has a number of children, one of whom has the middle name Scorsese and works as a producer on some of his films.

In last week’s article, he said that he is never still or idle and to go with his new movie Luz which is due to start filming in October, he has also finished his first book My Chicano Story which will be coming out on Kindle worldwide in November.

Quietly spoken this actor, director and writer is welcome in Spain, his favourite European country to live in.

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