The heat is turned up high on the Costa Blanca


AS THE third heatwave of the summer hit the Costa Blanca this week, Wednesday night saw the hottest registered in Alicante for two years with the minimum temperature not dropping below 25ºC.

San Fulgencio in the south of the region registered 26ºC at 0300 early yesterday (Thursday) morning.  Local meteorologists have described the overnight conditions as being ‘equatorial’ which is rather more sultry than tropical; the term used when the mercury doesn’t drop below 20ºC.

Such conditions have made sleeping almost impossible unless the air-conditioning is set to ‘bankrupt’ level overnight.

Throughout the Alicante province, levels reached shade temperatures of 40ºC in municipalities such as Gaianes, Cocentaina and Benillup.  Only one degree lower was experienced in Alcoleja, Alcoy and Villena, 37ºC in Orihuela and a positively coo 34ºC in Elche.

Along the coast and with the benefit of whatever breeze there was, the maximum temperatures hovered around the 30ºC mark. However, Alicante suffered from a 80% humidity which negated the effects of the slightly lower heat level.

As the month came to a close, Alicante province announced that they had experienced the third hottest June since 1950 with an average temperature reading of 23.3ºC – 2.4ºC above the usual reference point for the area.  The other two hot June months were recorded in 2003 and 2012.

Rainfall for the month was below the usually expected amount with 22.8 litres per square metre, showing a 9% drop compared to the period between 1981 to 2010 with an average of 25.1 litres / m2.

One of the features of June 2017 had been the often fluctuations in temperatures.  The first week has been described as ‘fresh’ followed by the period between the 8th and 29th of the month when thermometers began to show the three degrees increase in the average climate.  June 17th recorded the highest shade temperature of the month in Barxeta (41ºC).

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