The TV ratings war

TV Ratings War

SPEAKING OFF the record a CNN anchor was honest perhaps for the first time in his life. Conceding that the broadcaster’s anti-Russian rhetoric was bull**** he explained that its purpose was to boost ratings.

Well, I suppose it makes a change from celebrity or royalty trivia the purpose of which is to distract us from the many real issues and challenges facing us.

I have a strategy to boost TV ratings that is guaranteed to get nations glued to their screens. The ingenious plan is to honestly debate issues that actually affect viewers. To add spice to televised dialogue we can select presenters who aren’t media appointees. Why not also allow participation by audiences that haven’t previously been screened to exclude real dissent.

As I am the one with the pen in my hand let me suggest three of my hot topics. Nigel Farage is in the chair and on his panel squirm Foreign Office and Financial Affairs government ministers.

Sharing the panel is a European Union Commissioner who didn’t elect to appear. As he has no idea what election means does it matter. Finally, why not toss in a media corporate head. Those who make up the debating panel can be adjusted according to topic.

Top of my agenda is why the EU sticks to anti-Russian sanctions that have cost EU nations €60.2 billion in lost trade. You made your bed you lie on it: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “Russia will not participate in any talks concerning conditions for lifting sanctions.”

Trade blockades damage EU economies, divert trade to rivals, and help Russia to achieve self-sufficiency. Sanctions backfired and failed in their purpose. The Russian economy expands faster than does that of the EU and Crimea is still Russian in accordance with the free will of Crimean people.

If wretched panellists were robustly interrogated by a presenter who isn’t a placeman, if quizzed by a randomly selected audience, the debate would be a much looked forward to ratings-booster.

Why not afterwards debate further topics. On my agenda would be disastrous NATO-inflamed refugee crisis. According to a UN report conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria put 20.9 million refugees on the road most of which lead to the countries that caused the exodus.

Finally, I want honest debate and searching questions relating to the earnings and assets of politicians. If single mums waiting on restaurant tables are required to detail their paltry tips why not the same searching standards for passengers on parliamentary gravy trains.

Every dog has its day and readers will have their suggestions too. If so we can be sure TV ratings will smash records. The solution to the ratings chasing dilemma can be summed up in a single word, honesty. Broadcasters, look it up.

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