There are flight delays… and then there are 38-hour flight delays

flight delays

AT THIS time of the year, may it be due to the extra flights for the holiday season, the annual strikes by air traffic controllers or as in the case of a tyre blow-out at Gatwick Airport, delays of an hour or three are sadly the norm.  But what about 38 hours?

This was the fate of 150 passengers aboard a Primera Air flight between Sweden and Spain last weekend.

The original itinerary showed the flight was planned to leave Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and due to arrive at Alicante-Elche Airport at midday on Sunday.  Instead, it eventually landed at 01.50hrs in the early hours of Tuesday… some 38 hours late.

The delay was caused by a fault on the plane and Primera Air couldn’t either repair the problem or find a replacement.

It wasn’t just the 150 on board the incoming flight that were disrupted.

Those booked on the outbound flight from Alicante-Elche to Sweden were similarly delayed for the same number of hours and found themselves having to return to their hotels or their homes before finally boarding.

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