Two arrested over nightclub bouncer stabbings


NATIONAL POLICE officers have arrested two men, aged 37 and 31, over the alleged assault of two brothers fleeing a stabbing outside a nightclub in Torremolinos.

The accused have now given statements at a police station and been released pending a decision by the judicial authority.

The alleged assault came after two brothers, aged 39 and 48 fled after the stabbing of two bouncers in Los Alamos club in Torremolinos.

The older brother is said to have slashed the doormen with a razor blade after his younger brother was thrown out of the club, leaving both bouncers in intensive care in Hospital Clinico Universitario.

The alleged perpetrator was watching motorcycling racing with his brother on June 11 when the younger man supposedly became disruptive and was asked to leave at around 8pm.

Both brothers exited the club and as the bouncers turned to walk back inside, the 48-year-old stabbed them in their backs, slashing one guard once and the other twice.

The men fled towards the beach where they were surrounded and assaulted by a group of around 50.

Following investigations, police managed to identify two members of the mob and placed them under arrest.

The National Police saved the brothers from the attack before arresting them for attempted murder. The younger sibling has been released pending charges.

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