Unemployment plummets


UNEMPLOYMENT HAS fallen for the sixth month in a row to 2255 in Almuñecar, with almost 800 people finding employment since this January.

The council’s Department for Development and Employment reported the largest change has been seen in those aged between 25 and 44, where unemployment fell by 475.  Those aged over 45 saw the second highest growth in employment with 223 finding jobs.  Eighty-eight people aged under 25 also found work.

The council explained according to the latest statistics, of the three most populated municipalities of the Costa Tropical, Almuñecar has the lowest unemployment rate in the region.

The town’s Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, said “the data invites optimism because between June 2013 and June 2017, unemployment has fallen from more than 1000 people. The downturn is a trend which has consolidated and been sustained over time, which is very significant.”

Mayor Herrera said she was pleased with the figures as “the statistics show that we are on the right track, although the figures are not what we want; reaching full employment is our commitment. So much remains to be done and we must continue working from all sides to further reduce the unemployment rate in Almuñecar.”

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