Visit Denia’s castle by night


DENIA’S HILLTOP castle is a handsome reminder of the city’s historic importance when the Moors ruled this part of Spain.

The castle is an important landmark, which can be seen from many miles out to sea and throughout the city. The Arabs ruled Denia and much of Spain, from the 8th to the 13th century.

They built the city to provide a mighty fortress against potential intruders. However, in 1244 the city was reconquered by the Christians and many Moors fled.

After this, the mighty castle was left to crumble for many hundreds of years. A brief occupation by the French during the 19th century Peninsular war led to the castle being rebuilt.

The castle involves a short, steep climb alongside a pretty street of whitewashed houses. An impressive arched entrance dates from Moorish times but the castle itself is a mixture of styles as it developed over the centuries.

Each summer, the castle opens its doors in the evening for its ‘VISITE EL CASTELL DE NIT’ series – which has proved immensely popular over the years, attracting nearly 15,000 visitors in 2016.

The castle will open in the evening from 8.30pm – 00.30am Monday to Sunday, from July 6 until September 15.

The Archaeological Museum will also open until 10.00pm.


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