What a mess: Town council to intensify monitoring

What a mess

OLIVA Town Council announced this week that it will intensify its monitoring of the Parque de la Marjal.

The announcement comes as many areas within the park could be mistaken for a tip – unscrupulous individuals dumping car parts, tyres and even medical waste.

Imma Ibiza, Councillor of Environment highlighted the effects of the illicit dumping – not only will it encourage the proliferation of pests but it will cause problems in the soil, contaminating the subsoil which could, in the long run, contaminate the aquifers.

She reminded individuals that the Ecoparc located on Poligono Industrial el Brosquil near the fire station is available for their use – its opening hours having recently been extended.

She reminded businesses that they should be contracting accredited waste management companies to dispose of their waste.

Municipal workers have cleared the park this week, but the Town Council have stressed that this situation cannot continue – individuals and businesses must not dump their waste in the park.

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