Worker wounded in blender accident

Worker wounded in blender accident

A WOMAN, aged 44, has been injured after a blender exploded at her workplace in the sports club in the Sitio de Calahonda.

The worker was transferred to hospital and the Labour Inspectorate and Centre for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards have now been informed.

The incident, which happened at around 2.20pm at the council-owned club, saw officers from the Local Police, Operational Services Centre of the Guardia Civil and the Public Health Emergency Enterprise attend the scene.

It has not yet been confirmed what caused the incident.  Workplace deaths have doubled in Malaga Province over the last year from seven in the first half of 2016 to 14 so far this year.  Spain’s largest trade union, Comisiones Obreras (CC OO), which has more than 1,100,000 members, staged a protest in Malaga early this week to draw attention to the issue of workplace safety.

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