Unemployed thanked for world padel tour help


MIJAS’ Mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has praised the Mijas Association of Unemployed (AdeMijas) for working with the council to help with parking at the recent world padel tour.

Maldonado explained, “we want to thank the work of AdeMijas and its partners within the council, who have helped to promote the municipality at the world padel tour, an international sporting event, which has been an important chance to showcase the town.  It was essential to do things well because the influx of public has been massive and we had to keep day to day normality in the municipality. The project worked extraordinarily well.”

AdeMijas’s main objective is ensuring the unemployed aged over 40 stay connected to the workplace.  In their most recent initiative, members have been given public-private market experience through the parking scheme and have seen their work valued by the council.

Mijas Council has said it will continue to work to eradicate unemployment in the municipality both through public schemes and with the collaboration of private initiatives.

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