A secret hideout from the hustle and bustle

A secret hideout from the hustle and bustle
A SECRET NEVER TO BE TOLD: The hideout is reportedly part of a collection of spaces Abellanas has planned Photo credit Lebrel

SELF-TAUGHT Spanish designer Fernando Abellanas has installed a novel studio beneath a graffiti-covered bridge in Valencia, that includes shelving, seating, and even a sleeping space.

Abellanas, who designs furniture and lighting under the studio name Lebrel, created the small timber- and metal-framed hut in just two weeks and made use of the concrete infrastructure to form a roof and walls for the hideaway.

He prefers not to reveal its exact location within the city, but said he is often drawn to design huts for neglected spaces.

“I feel a great attraction for this type of place and sometimes I make interventions in them. I depend a lot on the conditions offered by the place,” he told architecture, interiors and design magazineDezeen.

“It is a personal intervention that tries to put value in these type of spaces. It is also about recovering those sensations of the huts we used to make as small ones. To stay isolated but at the same time close to our house, the city.”

The structure makes use of a pair of concrete beams beneath the bridge deck as the runners for a set of wheels that allow the studio to be moved using a hand crank.

The structure can be rolled along the beams to join a column, which is fitted with wooden shelving, seating and bedding, or towards the top of a bank that allowsAbellanas to access the space.

“In this case we are not referring to an idyllic hut you would find in the middle of the woods but rather to tiny spaces recovered from the city itself, where you can hide from the city’s hectic pace,” Abellanas said.

“These are locations that due to their architecture, location or size have become useless. People hardly notice when walking by.”

Have you spotted the secret hideout?

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