Action taken against the dumpers


ONDARA council is clamping down against the amount of garden waste being dumped in the normal rubbish bins.

They are placing the blame firmly at the feet of the residents who continually ignore the rules and will be monitoring the most abused areas in conjunction with neighbourhood watch-type schemes.  They promise to bring the regular offenders to justice.

Residents are being encouraged to deposit all their garden waste and cuttings at the municipal collection point found on Calle Tomás Edison rather than in the general bins that are overflowing with greenery both inside and outside.  Local councillor Francisco Giner says that the poor practice of those that ignore the correct containers must be challenged and educated accordingly.

Each of the regular containers has a poster fixed on it reminding people that is forbidden to dump gardening remains in or around them.  Failure to observe these warnings could result in a fine of up to €600.

Anyone in the area that needs to get rid of their garden cuttings, or from farms or public green spaces should go to the communal collection point at Calle Tomás Edison Nº25 between 7.30am and 1pm Monday to Saturday.

Residents are also reminded that the official time to put general rubbish in the proper containers is between 8pm and midnight during the summer months (from 6pm in winter) which avoids a build-up of garbage throughout the day with the associated smells.

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