Alicante province gets police numbers boost


ALICANTE province has added 78 extra police officers to boost the existing force for the remainder of the summer season. 

They will be deployed throughout the region and comprise of 12 inspectors and 66 officers who are about to complete their special training periods of 11 and seven months respectively with some on-the-job work experience.

Training courses at the National Police School in Avila last for nine months for police officers and two years for inspectors, and when they are out in the field they have the same authority of their senior counterparts.

Broken down into areas, the 78 will be deployed to Alicante (8 inspectors and 20 officers), Alcoy (5 officers), Benidorm (2 inspectors and 15 officers), Denia (2 inspectors and 8 officers), Elche (5 officers) and Orihuela (8 officers).

According to statistics, although Spain is still regarded as one of the safest countries in Europe, the National Police is working very hard to maintain this status.  To continue to encourage visitors to return time and again, advice on safety and security is being offered in a series of languages through individual consular offices and at information points spread around the city.

The recent addition of the Alertcops mobile app – available in almost 100 languages – has also enhanced the support given by the police; a quick notification sent from a phone if someone experiences or witnesses a crime can get attention in a fast and efficient manner.

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