Always on his mind

Always on his mind
Antony at Sun Studios Memphis Photo Credit: Antony Wolfson

LAST week saw the 40th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley.

A number of artists on the Costa del Sol, some regular tribute singers and others just lovers of his music gave special Elvis performances in different towns.

One singer who is not a tribute but a dedicated aficionado is Marbella based Antony Wolfson who is currently appearing at some of the best hotels and nightclubs in the area on an almost nightly basis.

There is no wig, or copied stage costumes, indeed Antony is bald with a beard, but so impressive is his take on the Elvis catalogue that he has been contacted by Mike Stoller, one of the incredibly successful song writing duo of Lieber and Stoller.

The pair wrote a number of songs for Elvis and after being made aware of Antony by Kathy Westmoreland who sang soprano with Elvis from 1970 to 1977, Mike Stoller offered Antony the opportunity to record one of the songs that they wrote for Elvis which was actually never used.

Antony jumped at this chance and recorded Stay Awhilein 2015 and with very little promotion it won the Akademia Award in Los Angeles and continues to receive 10,000 radio plays monthly around the world.

After the success of this recording, the next song from a number which never made it onto vinyl with Elvis was the more upbeat Touch of Heaven which was produced by long-time friend and Marbella resident Tim Knight at the Mikki Nilsen studio in Cortija Blanca.

A number of top local musicians as well as American country rock pianist Susan Erwin became involved in the project and the resultant single made the BBC play lists and has received tens of thousands of downloads.

In between all of his local promotions, Antony also flew over to America to follow the footsteps of his hero and performed (unofficially) in a number of venues close to the heart of the King including the Hard Rock Café and a hotel just across the road from Gracelands.

Mike Stoller loved the treatment of the song, commenting after hearing it “Antony’s relaxed performance suits the style of my song perfectly.”

Now, Antony has an new project as he has now been offered four more new songs from the writers and plans to record an LP called Antony Wolfson sings Lieber and Stoller which will consist of the six songs now made uniquely available to him, together with six Elvis inspired songs.

In addition, he hopes to return to the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis to perform on his next US tour which is being lined up at the moment.

If you love the songs that Elvis is so famous for but also want to explore some of the lesser known work, then you could do much worse than try to catch an Antony Wolfson performance

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