Another accident on N-332 black spot

Accident black spot
Accident black spot

ONE of the most notorious black spots on the N-332 has seen another crash.  On this occasion there have been no fatalities.

Three people were injured on the stretch of road outside Santa Pola close to the abandoned Hotel Rocas Blancas at the top of the hill.

The accident, that saw two cars collide as one turned from the main N-332 into Santa Pola, caused a tailback in both directions of around four kilometres between El Altet and the village of La Marina.

The three injured people – none of them with serious or life-threatening conditions – were taken by ambulance to Elche General Hospital.

Since 2009, 27 serious accidents have taken place at this black spot killing or injuring 55 people and the residents of Santa Pola continue to wait for official solutions to the problem.

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  1. In July ,my daughter and I were in a taxi on the way back from Elche hospital where she had been treated with a broken ankle and plastered up to her knee when opposite the Abandoned hotel on the 332 nr Santa Pola a red Triumph sports car crashed into us. I tried to protect her. Luckily she was okay but I had bruised legs- but was in so much shock I could have confronted the obnoxious dangerous driver who never even asked if we were okay – even though he had knocked the taxi drivers door off – beware of this dangerous nasty man


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