Arrested with 482 kilograms of cocaine in Xirvella near Valencia

Arrested with 482 kilograms of cocaine
482 KILOGRAMS: The cocaine had a street value of around €15 million Photo credit: Red Pepper

THE National Police arrested a 48-year-old man who was carrying 482 kilograms of cocaine in the van he was driving.

The man was arrested in the town of Xirvella near Valencia after failing to stop at a police checkpoint at around 1:30am on Tuesday.

The driver is reported to have accelerated through the checkpoint situated in one of Xirvella’s main squares, forcing officers to take action.

The police gave chase to the van, which was stopped after a three-kilometres.

Upon searching the van, officers discovered the 482 kilograms of cocaine, which had been hidden in 22 different bags, some of which were described as ‘wet and covered in sand’.

The police said the drug had been divided into rectangular packets, wrapped in plastic and weighing a kilo apiece, adding that the cocaine is of ‘exceptional purity’, with a street value of around €15 million.

The detainee was carrying €1,000 euros in cash, which is thought to have been his payment for acting as a courier.

He was arrested on charges of endangering public health and it was later discovered he has previous convictions for similar offences.

The investigation continues with authorities not ruling out further arrests.

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