Average Brit is 79 per cent good


THE average Brit considers themselves to be 79 per cent GOOD – and 21 per cent BAD, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in depth look into how the nation sees themselves – with some surprising results.

According to the data most of us (45 per cent) claim we would do anything for anyone, while a further 28 per cent would consider themselves to be a ‘good egg’.

However, behind the smiles and the niceties, 90 per cent of us claim to have a dark side – with the average Brit owning up to doing something bad six times in the last 12 months.

Saying something spiteful to hurt someone else (25 per cent), sharing a secret had promised you’d keep to yourself (22 per cent) and kissing someone you shouldn’t made Brits naughty list.

One in twenty (five per cent) even admitted to having an extra marital affair and 16 per cent have sworn at a stranger in the street after a minor disagreement.

The ‘good v bad’ study, which was carried out by online casino playojo.com also revealed women claim they are more likely to have a dark side than men (61 per cent).

In fact, a sinister one in ten (11 per cent) of the 1,500 adults polled said they have a dark side that no one knows about.

To keep our dark side in check more than two thirds (67 per cent) of the population felt they need the occasional chance to misbehave.

And nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of respondents said they find people who are ‘holier than thou’ a bit boring and felt it was good to have an edgier side.

High stress levels and a bad temper were the most common weaknesses of those polled with a quarter complaining that money was their Achilles heel.

Telling lies, the opposite sex and alcohol were also listed as common character flaws the survey found.

A quarter of the adults polled (24 per cent) said they have suffered life changing consequences as a result of being badly behaved and 39 per cent said they often felt guilty after getting up to something they shouldn’t.

Nearly half of Brits said they often come across as sweetness and light but harbour vicious thoughts about people they dislike.

Brits most common misdemeanours:

1. Lied about how much money you have spent

2. Said something spiteful to someone

3. Told a secret you said you would keep quiet

4. Lied about your whereabouts

5. Sworn at a stranger

6. Flirted with someone you shouldn’t

7. Lied about how much you drink

8. Snubbed someone in the street

9. Committed road rage

10. Snooped on someone’s emails

11. Kissed someone I shouldn’t have

12. Carried out an act of revenge on someone you don’t like

13. Told a lie to hurt someone

14. Sent a naked selfie to someone

15. Sexted someone you shouldn’t

16. Lied on a CV or interview

17. Stitched someone up at work

18. Had an affair

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