Bank worker steals a more than €1million from Russian customer

FRAUDSTER: Accused woman pictured in Vietnam on luxury holiday. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

THE GUARDIA CIVIL has arrested a bank worker after allegedly stealing more than €1m.

The woman, aged 51, was detained in Almoradí for committing fraud and forgery to an amount of $1.5m (€1,250,000) over a period of 25 years.

The police investigation started after an 80-year-old Russian customer of the bank had suspicions that substantial amounts of money had been stolen from his account over a period of time, and that everything pointed to one employee.

As the investigations continued, the sophistication of the operation came to light.  The Russian customer often returned to his own country which coincided with most of the illegal transactions that hadn’t been authorised by him as the bank worker had falsified his signature.  Even though his account was reducing little by little over time, he never knew because any statement requested had also been faked to hide the crimes.

Everything came to light in June this year when he asked for a more detailed statement before making a larger withdrawal than normal. It was at this point he noticed he was missing a million and a half US dollars, the currency he held in that account.

In the intervening period, the woman enjoyed a life of luxury with a nice house, car and regular foreign trips which she regularly boasted about across social media.

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