Beach chameleons arrested in Javea

Javea’s Busy L’Arenal Beach

GUARDIA CIVIL officers in Javea have arrested two men after a series of thefts on local beaches.

Both from Romania and living in Benidorm, the 48 and 62-year-olds are believed to be behind 16 thefts that saw them mingling around among fellow bathers in beachwear so as to not arouse too much suspicion.

All of the thefts took place on the l’Arenal beach and the amount and frequency of them was causing friction between bathers and the innocent beach sellers who were pointing the finger at them.

According to a statement from the Guardia Civil, a surveillance operation began around the affected beaches from the end of July when the majority of the thefts were reported.   After a short time, police noticed two men behaving in a suspicious manner prowling along the shoreline and appearing to be taking particular interest in groups of swimmers that had left belongings unattended.

Following witness statements and related investigations, two men were arrested and it was later discovered that they were known to the authorities and had committed a series of crimes across Spain.

The investigations continue as it’s believed that there may have been many other victims of these thieves over a longer period of time.

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