‘Bee’ careful on the beach

‘Bee’ careful on the beach
BUZZ OFF: Winter rains increase pollen and the bees want it Photo credit: Pixabay

BEACHGOERS got a rather nasty shock at the weekend when a swarm of bees engulfed them.

As one group put their beach umbrella into the sand on the Playa San Juan in Alicante, they were descended upon by up to 50,000 bees that had come from a nearby apartment when the honeycomb nest had been disturbed.

Police were called after a local beekeeper had attempted to remove the large nest at 7am when they are usually full of bees preparing for their day of seeking our pollen.  He interrupted their slumber and was unable to catch all of them as they escaped, such was the overwhelming number.

That same afternoon, another swarm made a beeline for a shade placed on the shoreline and shocked the occupants when they returned to their base having just been swimming.

A team of firefighters dressed in beekeeping suits were deployed to catch the insects although it took them over 90 minutes to get them all into a container after cordoning off the affected beach area.  The beach was then declared safe.

Beekeepers have been kept busy this summer.  Less than a month ago, more than 60,000 bees were removed from a giant honeycomb in nearby El Campello.

The heavy rains during the winter months have produced a larger than usual amount of flowers in the area and as a consequence, more of the queen bees are looking for more places to start their nests.

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