Benidorm five break silence on Kirsty Maxwell tragedy

kirsty maxwell
A TRAGIC ACCIDENT: The four men covered their faces as they appeared at the court hearing into the death of Kirsty Maxwell

THE men involved in the investigation into the death of Kirsty Maxwell have broken their silence about the ‘tragic accident’.

A statement released on behalf of four of the men said they ‘categorically deny any involvement in the unfortunate incident.’

‘It goes without saying that our deepest sympathy goes out to Kirsty’s family and our thoughts are with them all at this terrible time.’

They also said they have had ‘our names dragged through the mud’by the media and ‘The opinion of the judge is that this was an accident.’

Callum Northridge, 29, Ricky Gammon, 31, Anthony Holehouse, 34 and Daniel Bailey, 32 fronted a closed hearing last week after Ms Maxwell’s family asked Spanish judge Ana Isabel Garcia-Galbis to summon them back for questioning.

They were grilled by the judge and their own lawyer but refused to respond to questions from the Maxwell family’s legal representative.

A fifth man Joseph Graham, was excused from the hearing having already given a detailed statement to police and Judge Garcia-Galbis at an earlier date.

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