Bus driver fails breath test

Caption: SWAYING: Four times over the alcohol limit for bus drivers. (File image) Photo credit: Flickr

A DRIVER of a bus belonging to the ALSA company was found to be four times over the legal alcohol limit.

He was driving on the route between Madrid and Murcia when some of the passengers realised the bus was swerving slightly from side to side and breaking erratically, with some of the manoeuvres attracting hoots from other motorists.

The driver also repeatedly ignored requests from travellers to put on the air conditioning.

Those on board the 5.30pm service from Madrid eventually managed to persuade the driver to leave the A-3 motorway and pull in to a local service station 48 kilometres outside the city in Villarejo de Salvanés. As some took advantage of the stop to buy some much needed water due to the conditions on the bus, others called 112 to alert the local police and the Guardia Civil.

They tested the driver who gave readings of 0.81 and 0.77 milligrams of alcohol.  The second result – which is the more accurate figure – was four times over the legal limit for professional drivers that is set at 0.15.

Once the driver failed the test, the Guardia Civil contacted ALSA and a replacement was sent to carry on the journey after a four-hour delay.

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