Carry on… with the inconvenience in Elche


ONE of the many portable toilets that have been installed in Elche to cope with the influx of thousands of people for this week’s fiestas has caused a bit of a stink.

Owner of a bar in Calle Ramón Vicente Serrano, Roberto Sentenero, has complained about one of the toilets placed right in front of the door of his establishment.  This has caused untold inconvenience to patrons of the bar, particularly the unpleasant odours produced by the many people using the facilities during the fiestas.

Sentenero said: “It doesn’t make any sense for them to put one of the portaloos in front of my bar when the main fiesta is some 300 metres away.  They haven’t dared place them in front of other premises as the owners have threatened to burn them down.”

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