Costa cat poisoning outbreak

Cat Poisoning
Case hampered by lack of witnesses

GUARDIA CIVIL officers on the Orihuela Costa are investigating the deaths of seven stray cats.

They were all found in different parts of Calle Langosta with six of them already dead and another suffering a slow death.  Police are looking at the possibility that they had been poisoned by a member of the local community expressing their anger at the amount of strays in the area.

It’s well known that one particular resident, who owns a number of cats herself, also feeds up to twenty other felines on a daily basis and she has been asked to stop as a way of not encouraging them to visit the neighbourhood.

The local police have for some time been concerned as locals have regularly contacted the authorities about the build up of the visiting cat colony.  Over recent weeks, they have arranged for the involvement of the local animal protectorate to round up as many as possible to care for them or find them homes.

Many residents have described the poisoning incident as “savage” but at the same time have warned the Orihuela council of their fear that this won’t be the last incident of this kind if nothing is done to stop it.

Police investigations into crimes of animal abuse continue, but the case is being hampered by a lack of witnesses.

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