Changing lanes in Torremolinos

Bike Lane

THE PLANNED remodelling of Avenida Carlota Alessandri in Torremolinos will mean eliminating two road lanes, it has been announced.

The project, which has already started on the avenue which is one of Torremolinos’ main roads, will see a cycle lane created as well as additional parking, while four lanes of traffic will be reduced to two.

Pedestrian areas near Hotel Las Palomas and on the intersection of Calles Aladino and La Luna have also been widened amidst criticicm from residents over the removal of 80 ficus and 50 palm trees.

The council has rebuffed concerns, however, with first deputy mayor, Maribel Tocon, explaining the project has the backing of locals, saying the avenue will become an “accessible and pleasant street which will be able to be enjoyed by pedestrians and drivers, where traffic will be slowed down and pavements and cycle routes will be improved.”

A roundabout on the way to Torremolinos in Benalmadena’s Avenida Antonio Machado has also faced criticism after a series of accidents were reported at the site.

Residents had claimed the roundabout, which has been partially fenced-off, should be demolished, but it will now be narrowed instead after one motorist was hospitalised with a leg injury caused by an crash at the site.

The council voted unanimously to keep the roundabout and simply changing its layout after it emerged demolishing would mean returning funding for the project to the Provincial Council.  Oscar Ramundo, Councillor for Urban Planning, said the site “has not been put to use because it suffers from some design flaws that were noticed once the work was finished,” confirming it will be modified, “to avoid having to return the subsidy granted bythe Provincial Council for its construction”.

The news come after Councillor Beatriz Olmedo wounded a motorist after making an illegal manoeuvre on the roundabout, changing lane from one heading towards Fuengirola to one to Torremolinos.

Political party, Cuidadanos, demanded the roundabout be demolished following several accidents, however the party do not have representation in the council anymore after three of their councillors were expelled, leaving the governing parties free to push through the vote to modify the site unanimously.

Initial plans included restricting cars and taxis at the entrance to the roundabout, however this was discounted after councillors decided the area running from the Sunset Beach hotel to Torremolinos was so busy the move would cause large jams

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