City slickers: One in seven have not gone for a rural stroll in the past two years or longer

City slickers - one in seven have not gone for a rural stroll in the past two years or longer

A SURVEY has found that 13 per cent of Brits hadn’t gone for a stroll in the countryside for the past 24 months or more, with some confessing to being ‘city-bound’ for even longer.

More than one-third of those quizzed said they didn’t have a clue about wildlife and wouldn’t be able to teach their kids about the great outdoors.

One-third also couldn’t identify a barn owl from a photo and two-thirds had no idea what a turtle dove was.

Amazingly, one-in-five of the people polled said they had never seen a toad, with one-in-seven saying they had never seen a hedgehog.

One-in-three couldn’t identify an oak tree, with three-quarters unable to pick out a hawthorn or ash tree.

The study was commissioned by Jordans Cereal on behalf of the Jordans Farm Partnership and of the 2,000 Brits polled, seven-in-10 said they felt that they had lost touch with nature.

Gary Cunningham, 37, of Hackney, east London, said: ‘I used to go to the countryside all the time as a kid, but in the last few years I’ve been stuck in the city.’

‘It’s hard to get away, what with work and seeing friends at the weekends.’

‘The last time I went away to the countryside was in 2014 when I went to Wales on a camping trip – it rained all week and I’ve not been out of the city since!’

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