Cocaine delivery gang foiled

Cocaine delivery gang foiled
Three people allegedly running a telephone-cocaine service arrested. Credit: Flicker

THE NATIONAL POLICE have brought down a network of three people who were allegedly running a telephone-cocaine service in Fuengirola.

The gang of two men, aged 57 and 61, and a woman, aged 58, has now been charged with drug trafficking and illegal weapon possession after police have seized 255 grams of cocaine, a pistol with 110 bullets, a rifle, four drugs scales, and €7,960, £325 and $100 in cash from their property.

The trio were said to have been delivering cocaine to a group of regular customers from their cottage, under the business name tele-cola. Officers started investigating the gang in a crackdown on small and medium-sized drug rings after receiving information about a group in Fuengirola.  Their inquiries led them to a house where they found drugs, firearms and cash.

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