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Councillor slams sexist insults

ENCARNACION CORTES, Benalmadena’s Councillor for Tourism and Beaches, has publicly condemned a series of degrading and personal comments left on her Facebook page.

The pregnant politician has been joined by several feminist groups in expressing her disgust at the criticism she has received, which has included comments about her body shape.

Councillor Cortes said she has been called a “bonbon”, an “almond shaped woman,” and “big and fat.”  More worryingly, she added another social media user had said “the pregnancy and the heat should shut her up,” while someone else appeared to attack her for having morning sickness, saying he had been a father “three time and I have never had vomiting or cravings.”

The politician, who is also responsible for Benalmadena’s Port, has said the comments are purely personal and “use distressing and sexist language to talk about me as a woman, using old-fashioned and bigoted language which degrades me as a woman as enforces sexist stereotypes.” She added, “these comments assault my dignity and form part of a set of behaviours which undermine women.”

Benalmadena’s Mayor, Victor Navas, has joined hundreds of others in supporting Councillor Cortes, saying, “everything this country has fought for to achieve equality is ruined when people use personal insults as justification for the inability to maintain a serious and constructive political debate.”

In recent months, two other councillors on the Costa del Sol, Maribel Tocon, the first deputy mayor of Torremolinos, and Angeles Vergara, a spokeswoman for political party Cuidadanos, have also complained of receiving sexist comments on social media.  They claimed users had criticised their personal appearance and relationships, leading Tocon to bring a case of hate crime to court.

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