Crackdown on illegal holiday property rentals has no effect on market

Rental crackdown
Holiday Season in Malaga Credit: Wikimedia

CURRENT government measures to prevent properties from being illegally rented have had no effect of the black rental market in Malaga, according to a trade union spokesman.

During the summer season, many second-homeowners and companies who own empty properties are renting without notifying authorities or abiding by legal guidelines.

Gonzalo Fuentes, representative for the CCOO trade union, announced that although legislation in 2016 saw an estimated 12,000 apartments registered in Malaga, illegally rented apartments are still on the rise during the summer season.

“We must be aware that although we are in favour of regulating it, this type of underground illicit economy will not be removed,” lamented Fuentes.

Fuentes explained that in some cases landlords have illegally evicted their tenants in order to raise prices to extortionate levels during the tourism season.

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