Crisis time for abandoned kittens

ABANDONED: Five kittens dumped with local charity. Photo credit: APAH

LOCAL animal charity, Asociacion Protectora De Animales Horadada (APAH) is at a crisis point after being deluged with abandoned kittens.

On a daily basis, litters are being dumped at the cattery, on the doorstep of the charity shop out of hours or even simply being brought into the premises in boxes and left for the volunteers to find.  The latest incident was when shopping basket containing five, four-week-old kittens were left terrified, hungry and dehydrated was dumped at the shop.

A representative of APAH told the RTN: “Charities like us are being overwhelmed with the numbers. No-one stops to consider the implications, both financial and practical of expecting charities to keep on finding the space and the money to care for litter after litter of kittens.  There is never an attempt made to donate money towards the cost of caring for the kittens.  The food bill and veterinary care alone is a severe strain on charities who already have a Cattery full of cats to care for.  There is not enough money, space or volunteers to deal with the problem, but the kittens just keep on coming.”

APAH has no wish to turn kittens away or automatically put them to sleep.  Some days, the charity takes in up to 30 or more abandoned kittens and their concern is that they will simply run out of space and money to care for them.

“Cat owners themselves are responsible for the level of breeding that goes on.  Responsible owners will do the right thing, but unfortunately others do not,” said APAH.

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